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Plexus International "Erosions" · St. Marks Church, NYC · 12/10/05
On Saturday, December 10, 2005, Human Rights Day, Plexus International presented “Erosions and Renaissance, Act IV.” This is the fourth in a series of community-based performances staged around the world to warn of the increasing “erosions” underway in our living Earth—from the erosion of the planet’s biodiversity, soils and atmosphere to the erosion of local knowledge, cultural diversity, human rights, freedom and peace.

Program: Welcome address by Rev. Frank Morales
Master of Ceremony: George Stonefish of the American Indian community
Miguel Algarin & Friends, Nuyorican Poets Café
Alfa Diallo, Valery Oisteanu, Dada Poetess
War to W… with Dee Pop (drums), Vittorio Terracina (vocals), Ediney da Silva (berimbau)
Patricia Geri Russell (theatrical performance)
Eveleena Dann, Erin Kelly, Kirk Peterkin in “Die Gedanken Sind Frei” (Thoughts Are Free)
Lo Galluccio (vocals), Lou Rossi (guitar), Will DiMartino (drums)
Uke Jackson (ukelele); Patricia Nicholson Parker and William Parker (dance & bass performance)
Arturo Lindsay (ritual art ceremony); Lorenzo Pace (ritual art performance) Sandro Dernini, George Chaikin, Willoughby Sharp (artificial intelligence performance) Lynne Kanter (photo performance); David Boyle (druid performance)
Mico Licastro and Franco Meloni (Italian institutional presence performance)
Jose Rodriguez (community presence performance); Rolando Politi (transportable performance)

Videos by
Jim C: “CUANDO Purgatorio,” 1985; Willoughby Sharp: “Who Killed Henrich Hertz?” 1987;
Arleen Schloss: “Plexus: In Order to Survive,” 2005

Art and staging by
Ray Kelly, Barnaby Ruhe, Eve Vaterlaus, Anita Steckel, Frank Shifreen, Anna Saba, Antonello Dessi, Luisa Mazzullo, Micaela Serino. Ousseynou MBaye,, Kre MBaye, Assane MBaye, Carlo Antonio Borghi

Live music by Amoeba Technology