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“EMERGENCE” Saturday April 8th 2006

Join us this Saturday April 8th for an all day event at our home base, 23 Windows:

//EMERGENCE// coming up this Saturday April 8th featuring resident 23 Windows artists and honorable guests including never before seen images of the Burning of a Sacred Plant field in Bolivia…recycled arts, back to back experimental video screenings, live performances, drinks and food for early comers<> 2pm to 10pm<>

“EMERGENCE” Saturday April 8th 2006 @23 Windows
41 Belvedere (corner Beaver)
Brooklyn NY
2pm – 10pm

Emergence Flyer Emergence Flyer Back

Exhibition 2pm–7pm
Recycled and Sustainable Arts by WASTEONE (Trashworship / 23 resident)

Third Person Project by CARLOS PINTO and MASHA GITIN (23 resident)

Sculptures and Paintings by HISAYASU TAKASHIO (BPM/23 resident)

Urban Art, music and videos by SPAZECRAFTE (Soh Nup Industries/23 resident)

Portraiture, HOLGA and sculptural photography by JASMINE CENICEROS (23 resident)

Bolivian burning fields — photos by NICOLAS HURE (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Bolivian and Ecuadorian photo portraits by FLORENCIA RODRIGUEZ (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

AMOEBA TECHNOLOGY — "Global Bubble" screening audiovisuals/temporary environments with 2012 (St. Petersburg, Russia), Noises of Russia (Moscow, Russia), Nega and Army of Morlocks (Helsinki, Finland)

Screenings and Live Performances — 7pm to 10 pm

ZARAH CABAÑAS "Ocean's Insomnia" and "Breathe: An Atlas of One" in conjunction with ALI BELETIC’s "Breathe: The World is Sinuous."

LU(X)Z / AMOEBA TECHNOLOGY “IXIR: Journals of Lapping Waters” video short.


LIVE AUDIOVISUALS BY Amoeba Technology (23 resident) Trance Pop Loops (23 resident) Spaze Crafte One (62db / 23 resident) O.blaat (Share)

“Emergence” hosted by 23 Windows Studios — 41 Belvedere (corner Beaver) Brooklyn NY

***23 Windows is an artist-run studio space located in Bushwick Brooklyn founded in the year 2000 and continuing today as a space dedicated to the creation and preservation of cultural and artistic endeavors relevant to Brooklyn musical, visual and performance arts****