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Amoeba emerged in the year 1996, in its original form, as a weekly event held at a venue called Den of Thieves, Lower East Side, New York City. DJs TomStir, MASA, VJ Flyreel aka HEBEGBTV and soundman Neil Sonar confabulated an environment of live electronics, turntable and video improvisations through a collaborative process. Spanning from individual live PA sets to setups that held five mixers, ten turntables with invited video artists, The Amoeba weekly event resulted as the centrifugal force for experimental platforms and amalgamation of live incorporated sound and visual arts.

Between the years of 1996 and 1998 a variety of people participated in the amoebic gatherings. Together with the confabulators they stirred, stimulated and engendered what was named then and know today as illbient. This audiovisual style was composed of the juxtaposition of abstract thick layers of sound collage, jungle, breakbeats and explosive, visceral manipulations of video.

What was once a conjunction of separate live music/visual sets occurring once a week with various participants has become a unified group of collaborators who have taken the illbient theme and furthered it by becoming what is today Amoeba Technology: electronic musicians Tomstir, MASA, Dok, filmmaker alienresident, and video artists Seemonkey and Lu(x)z. In its present form, Amoeba is a self-contained collective of peoples come together for the expansion, oscillation and ever mutation of a unified sonic-optic experience.