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Chronological Biography
(excerpted — only detailed from 2000 to present)

Awards and Residencies

Artist in Residence — Experimental Television Center, NY (ongoing)
Artist in Residence — Schloss Brolin, Germany Spring 2002
Experimental Television Center Grant — DJ composers series, ABC No Rio, New York Fall 1999

Press links and Publications:

Online Review of Surrealist Fashion Show 10/26/03.

K-48 Issue No.1 — 2000. Ten page interview of Amoeba members and accompanying CD Laboratory Tapes full length Amoeba music and video.

D-Fuse VJ Book and DVD — Publication coming soon — Featured artists in international compilation of contemporary audiovisual art. Interview with Amoeba individuals and audiovisual piece Changes included in the DVD compilation.

Eyewash DVD — A Forward Motion Theater release, a one hour DVD compilation of NYC audiovisual artists. Featured Amoeba’s experimental live improvisation “Agoraphobia”.

Psychic TV Live at the Coral Room NYC — Psychic TV reunites in 2003. Visuals by Lu(x)z of Amoeba Technology and by Suck Data.

Masters 75th Anniversary Celebration — Documentation of 75th Anniversary of the Masters, a building dedicated to having all arts under one roof. Built in honor of Nicholas Roerich.

Screenings and Curated Programs

Basel Art Fair — June 2004 — Basel Switzerland
Regeneration Hex — Program curated by Genesis P. Orridge, screening films of the Imaginary, from William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Derek Jarman. Amoeba's audiovisual piece Agoraphobia was presented in conjunction with this program.

L'Etrange Festival — September 2004 — Forum des Images — Paris France
Regeneration Hex — idem with two audiovisual pieces by Amoeba Technology: Agoraphobia and H + V : Pulse Wave Variations (excerpt from the Experimental TV Centers laboratory sessions).

The New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center — 2004
Screening of audiovisual piece "Changes" and live video performance at opening reception.


Plexus Art International — St Marks Church — NYC — December 10th 2005
Gathering of Plexus art from around the globe with performances, reading, dance and video performances by Plexus Art group members.

BAP (Bushwick Arts Project) — Brooklyn NY — November 2005
A one day festival of arts in over 20 locations throughout Bushwick, Brooklyn. Amoeba headquarters 23 Windows participated in open art studios, screenings and live performances.

Russia and Finland Amoebic Tour — April–May 2005
Inflatable environments, live performances, curated video screenings at locations in: Center for Modern Art (PRIBOY) St Petesburg, Russia; Light Zone Izhevsk, Russia, Cable Factory Helsinki, Finland; Vaadelma Helsinki Finland; Vuoritalo Helsinki Finland.

Epicenter: AID FOR ACEH
Fundraiser event for the Indonesian region of Aceh in support of aids for tsunami disaster and socio-political turmoils. For complete information download press release PDF file here. Lineup: Amoeba Technology · Dara & DB · Beatboxer Entertainment · Parts and Labor · Jason BK · Battlestar · HavocSound · Baggs · KleverVice · High Grade Campers · Lo-Ki · Stephan Smith

Psychic Tv Europe + USA Detour September — November 2004
In continuation with the Psychic TV / Amoeba visual and musical collaboration, a two month de-tour in Europe, Russia and eight US cities. See schedule and further info on news.

International Festival Of Light — 06/20/04 — NYC and worldwide web streaming
Organized by Faites de Lumiere in Paris, France, this evening was a world webcast of outdoor music and video happening simultaneously in over ten countries. Amoeba constructed an inflatable environment on the rooftop of a Manhattan building, performing live electronic with invited guests.

Num — Eye and Ear Performances — 04/23/04 — 23 Windows Brooklyn, NY
Event presented and produced by Amoeba Technology. An evening of multimedia programs, short film and video screenings. Performances by 8-bit masters, Eva Sjuve, Oblaat.

Anyware — 04/15/04 — The Kitchen — NY, NY
Presented In conjunction with Share collective, the evening was devoted to International networked, web streaming collaborations between NYC and 11 other countries. Amoeba designed the visual environment, engineered the video technologies and performed a live audiovisual performance as part of the program.

The Third Coming of Psychic TV A Disconcert · 12/5/03 · The Coral Room, NY, NY
Live video performance and commissioned content creation with Psychic TV with visuals by Lu(x)z.

Downtown Digitalia · 11/20/03 · Batofar, Paris, France
Installation and live video performance in audiovisual immersion, Downtown Digitalia in conjunction with Eva Sjueve, More>>

Surrealist Fashion Show · 10/26/03 · Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY
Environment installation, live audio and video performance as part of worldwide exhibition of surrealist art, fashion and multimedia. for Review of the show please visit

KindJelly's Conception Confabulation · 10/12/03 · The Hook, Brooklyn, NY
Installation of inflateable environment and live audio and video performances. More>>

Ecosystem 3. · 8/14-17/03 · Manaus, Brazil
Invited artists to electronic music festival in Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Installation of environment-specific audiovisual experiments. Live performances.

Involution 4: Right Hand · 5/9/03 · BPM, Brooklyn, NY
First evening of a five-part series titled Involution, an Amoeba production, curated and performed with invited artists. Site-specific intsallation of environment and content. Live experimental audio and video performances. More>>

Berklee College of Music · 4/18/03 · Boston, MA
Lu(x)z and Uji doing a live audiovisual performance Azimuth and curated screening presented by Dr. Boulanger and the Music Synthesis department at Berklee College of Music.

Involution 5: Aftermath · 3/14/03 · Combustible Arts, Brooklyn, NY
An Amoeba production. Second in the Involution series.

Bang on a Can Festival · 6/03 · Symphony Space. NY, NY
Live video performance collaboration with Lu(x)z and Baby Zizanie.

Adirondack's Project · 3/22/03 · Cooper Union · NY, NY
Live video performance with Butoh performer Kathi von Koerber visulas by Lu(x)z presented by International Water Day Fest (in awareness of art as a conscious environmental action).

New School for Social Research · 3/14/03 · NY, NY
visulas by Lu(x)z a Butoh multimedia performance in collaboration with Kathi von Koerber. Featured video artist.

Mutoid Orchestra · 2/7/03 · 23 Windows, Brooklyn, NY
Live audio ensemble of over ten experimental electronic musicians and DJs.

Wild Kingdom · 10/2/02 · 389 Studios, Queens, NY
Live audio and video performnce.

Threnody Pour Une Sucette · 9/25/02 · Yale University Center for British Art, Yale, New Haven, CT
Live performance in collaboration with Jim Thirlwell, aka Foetus Threnody Pour Une Sucette

Jinen Vision · 8/28/02 · Cave Gallery · Brooklyn, NY
Opening screening of Jinen Vision, a 15 minute visual exploration of the moving body and light through Butoh-projection experiments.

BubbleCore at Supercore · 8/6/02 · SuperCore Cafe, Brooklyn, NY
An Amoeba production. Invited artists and performances. Live audio and video performance by Amoeba.

Underground Media Festival · 7/12/02 · Pseudo Space, New York, NY
Live audio and video performance.

The Resonant Wave Festival · 5/02 · Berlin, Germany
Live audiovisual video performances. Festival organized and curated by Ransom Corp (Kathi von Koerber and Taylor Kaye) Amoeba was also a part of a two month artist in residency program held at Schloss Broelin in preparation for content and performances for the above festival.

Festival of the Hurting · 4/13/02 · Madagascar Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Installation of inflatable environment and live auio and video performance.

Laboratory · 4/16/02 · Green Lounge · NY, NY
Fakeradio with Dok and Lu(x)z of Amoeba. Experimental electronic music and video performance with Eva Sjueve(Fakeradio)

The Brooklyn Wave Pattern Integrity Center · 3/9/02 · El Compendio, Brooklyn, USA
Evening installed, organized and curated by Amoeba. Installation consisting of 1700 square foot inflateable environment as receptacle for multiple film and video projections and invited experimental musicians.

Airport · 1/11/02 · Lunatarium, Brooklyn, NY
Live audio, video and film installation environment and performances as part of an evening celebrating ambient art and the new york collectives involved in furthering this movement. More>>

Synaptic Terminal · 11/17/01 · El Compendio, Brooklyn, NY
Audio, video and film installations. An Amoeba production.

Happy Robot · 10/13/01 · Brooklyn, NY
Live audio and video performances. An Amoeba production.

The Rat and the Cheese · 9/29/01 · Rubulud Brooklyn, NY
Live audio and video performances.

OVM · 6/23/01 · 23 Windows, Brooklyn, NY
Installation of geodesic dome structure, audio and video performances.

Out! · 5/26/01 · Brecht Forum, New York, NY
Live audio and video performances.

Generator · 5/18/01 · 23 Windows, Brooklyn, NY
Amoeba Technology and Havoc Sound present Live audio and video performances.

Beatmechanics · 4/21/01 · El Compendio, Brooklyn, NY
Live audio and video performances. Installation of environment.

The Future is Calling · 2/28/01 · WesBeth Theatre, New York, NY
Audio concert featuring Vic Thrill with Live video performance by seeMonkey of Amoeba, integrating live internet video input/output streams. Installation of environment.

Aliens · 12/21/00 · Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
Live audio and video performance with Vic Thrill and Stephen Greer.

Feel · 11/00 · Physical Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY
Presented by, Feel was a gathering of artists in pursuit of sense stimulus through video, physical installations and music.

Radio Rising · 10/2/00 · Rubulad, Brooklyn, NY
Live audio and video.

Bubble Outtaspace Homies · 9/7/00 · Subtonic, New York, NY
An Amoeba production, curated musicians and performers throughout the evening.

Undercity · 9/17/00 · Halcyon, Brooklyn, NY
Live audio and video performances.

The Days of the Purple Turtle · 9/8/00 · Frying Pan, New York, NY
Live audio, video and film.

Return of the Earthworm Space Shuttle · 8/26/00 · Rubulad, Brooklyn, NY
Live audio and video performances.

Technoscan · 8/24/00 · Subtonic, New York, NY
Live audio and video.

Eye To Eye · 7/5/00 · Subtonic, New York, NY
Collabarative Multi-DJ set, live video.

RAT · 7/27/00 · SubTonic, New York, NY
Live audio performance.

Sonar Echo Network · 6/23/00 · Frying Pan, New York, NY
Live video, audio and film.

Now Festival · 6/16/00 · Finstick State Park, NY
Construction and installation of geodesic dome, live audio and video at outdoor four-day festival.

Electroluxe · 6/1/00 · Tonic, New York, NY
Live audio and video.

F.F.C. · 5/00 · Hangar, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Live audio and video environment by seeMonkey and Dok of Amoeba. Site specific multi projector and scrim environment. Custom created visual content.

Static · 11/99 · The Cooler, New York, NY
Live video and audio.

Sparks · 7/99 · Fakeshop, Wlliamsburg Brooklyn, NY
Live video installation and sets by seeMonkey and Flyreel.

Coma · 12/98 · Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY
Live P.A. and Video set.

Unity Gain · 1/98 · Galapagos, Wlliamsburg Brooklyn, NY
Live electronics, audio and video performance.