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Amoeba Technology — Russia / Finland Tour 2005

Amoeba was engaged in a one month tour of Russia and Finland from the dates 4.16.05 to 5.15.05.

The projects varied from club performances, Inflatable Bubble environments, video art screenings to live audiovisual collaborations in the heart of the Russian and Finnish underground.

What all of the projects had in common was an immense human interaction and creative exchange. The expansion outside of New York has been for us a way to come together with like-minded individuals through site-specific collaborations in visual and musical mediums. What occurs is an experience made possible by the creative connection between people. Art becomes the expression of a collective unity rather than an isolated, individualistic process. For both the audience and the creators, art becomes about the sharing of the experience; the environment, the visual and musical elements creating a state of mind particular to that space and moment in time.

The following is a collection of documentation of the projects. Short texts have been included to describe the projects, their settings and our collaborators. Images, digital photos and video stills are documentation efforts by: Yuri Elik, Lu(x)z, Antti Ahonen, and the Dacha.

SKIF Festival — St. Petersburg Russia — April 21st-24th — Live Performance and Inflatable Bubble Installation

Inflatable Bubble — SKIF — St. Petersburg Russia

The Sergei Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF) is a festival of modern art, based on the concept of Pop Mekhanica, the multicultural project of the outstanding Russian pianist, composer, writer and public figure who died untimely death in 1996 – Sergey Kuryokhin. The festival originated in NYC and in 1998 moved to St. Petersburg. In its ninth year, SKIF was held at the Center for Modern Art "Priboy Theater."

Amoeba was commissioned and invited to the festival to build an Inflatable Bubble at the entrance of the theater. This project was a collaboration with St. Petersburg video collective 2012. They made all arrangments with the festival and were our generous hosts... with them we filled the periphery of the Bubble with moving image, slides and video projections.

Bubble Dimensions: 50 feet long x 25 feet wide 22 feet high.

Amoeba Live Performance — SKIF St Petersburg Russia

Elements: 5 video projectors, six slide projectors, live video mixing and sound.

See Bubble images here>>

Amoeba also did a live performance on the main stage on Saturday April 23rd. Aleksej Schonn (Circus of Now, Berlin), Yuri Elik (2012 St. Petersburg) and Gosha (Noises of Russia Moscow) joined us onstage for a collaborative audiovisual set.

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Artistic Dacha — Izhevsk Russia — April 27th — Video Screening and Live Performances

Screening and performance — Artistic Dacha — Izhevsk Russia

The city of Izhevsk, located in the province of Udmurtia, 1300km away from Moscow, was a "secret city" in soviet times. It housed the largest weapon production factories in the country, including that of the "koloshnikov" machine gun (and the city houses Mr. Koloshnikov himself). Amidst such circumstances, the city of Izhevsk has flourished as one of the capitals of Russian electronic music and experimental art. Our friend Andrej Smirnov was born in Izhevsk and still lives there, organizing and curating local film screenings of international films and cultural events. He runs the Izhevsk Film Club and he invited us and organized our visit to his city.

Our first project was to hold a screening of experimental works from New York and Izhevsk : a cultural encounter and dialogue through media. New York works by Experimental TV Center founder Ralph Hocking, cyber media artist Arleen Schloss, multimedia artist Disney NasaBorg, and Amoeba Technology. This was held at a local underground performance space called Artistic Dacha. Live performances by Amoeba and local electronic artists followed.

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Light Zone Club — Izhevsk Russia — April 29th — Live Performance

Amoeba live performance — Light Zone Club — Izhevsk Russia

An evening at a local electronic club. Amoeba live audiovisual performance.

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Vadelma Club — Helsinki Finland — May 4th — Live Performance

Amoeba live performance — Vadelma Club — Helsinki Finland

After our journey to Udmurtia, we returned to St. Petersburg, where we met again with our friends from the 2012 collective and Noises of Russia and we set out for Helsinki, Finland.

In Helsinki our hosts were Antti Ahonen (Army of Morlocks) and Sadri Centinkaya (Nega). They housed all Amoebas, 2012s, and Noises of Russia as well as organized and promoted all the shows.

The first show was at Vadelma Club on may 4th. Dok, TomStir, Lu(x)z with Yuri of 2012 and Gosha of Noises of Russia.

See Vadelma performance images here>>

See Vadelma Flyer>>

La-Bas "Diverse Universe Festival" — Valssaamo Cable Factory — Helsinki Finland — May 6th — Inflatable Bubble Installation and Performances

Inflatable Bubble — Valssaamo Cable Factory — Helsinki Finland

La-Bas is a collective of performance artists in Helsinki actively orgainizing shows of an international collection of artists. Amoeba was invited to this festival to construct an Inflatable Bubble.

Video proejctions with live mixing and processing by 2012 (St Petersburg) , Amphibia (Helsinki), and Amoeba. Live musical performances by Amoeba, Army of Morlocks (Helsinki) and Noises of Russia (Moscow).

Bubble Dimensions : 25 feet long x 15 feet wide x 15 feet high.

Elements: 4 video projectors, live video mixing, sound.

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See La-Bas flyer here>>

Vuoritalo Kolina Club — Helsinki Finland — May 10th — Live Performace

Live collaboration — Vuoritalo Kolina Club — Helsinki Finland

Our last show proved to be the culmination of the collaborative events. After several weeks of working together, an organic whole emerged from the old firehouse on the hill at the Vuoritalo Kolina Club.

Amoeba, Nega, Army of Morlocks, Noises of Russia and 2012 came together to compose a live audiovisual ensemble: sounds and images from NY-Finland-Russia converged…

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